Mission and Vision

What is the primary objective of Author Intellectual Property? That is the question we have asked ourselves at the very beginning prior to the founding of Author Intellectual Property. We took a step back and looked at the whole picture of the question, and managed to identify four vital things that led us to our answer.



To attend to and ensure our clients’ needs are met with high satisfaction and in a timely manner.


Intellectual Property

To help in securing strong intellectual property protection.



To deliver highly professional, accurate, reliable, and prompt services.



To provide and apply our expertise and knowledge in law, technical, and business with respect to intellectual property.


When the above points are combined, we conclude that our primary objective is to best protect the interests of our clients in terms of intellectual property by providing the relevant expertise and knowledge, and world class services.

From our stand point, it is our belief that your intangible assets will only be effectively safe guarded when you possess strong intellectual property protection, which is obtainable through the right expertise and highly committed services.

Hence, we at Author Intellectual Property view this objective seriously and are immensely committed to it.

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