About Us

Author Intellectual Property is an intellectual property boutique based in Malaysia that is well equipped with diverse expertise in technical, business, and law to provide a complete array of intellectual property services with respect to patents, trade marks, industrial designs, copyright, licensing, franchising, branding, trade secrets, and others.

In nowadays business community, intellectual property exists in all businesses. It is one of the crucial elements that creates competitive advantages and brings the businesses to the next level ahead of other competitors. Without a proper protection, this valuable intellectual property can be misused or illegally exploited by others, and subsequently stunting the business growth.

Author Intellectual Property is here to be of service to you in identifying and securing your intellectual property rights from the inception of an idea through to the registration and beyond. Our services are highly tailored in such a way to suit your requirements and further customizable upon your specific request.

Rest assured that your intellectual property is in good hand, so that you can enjoy the luxury of fully focusing on expanding your business and need not have to worry about your intellectual property rights.

Author Intellectual Property is your pathway to your exclusive rights.

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