If you have a new invention that solves a specific problem in any field of technology or industry, and you wish to impede your competitors or any other people from exploiting your hard work, then it is prudent to have your invention patented.

In short, patent provides you with a set of exclusive rights to exclude others from manufacturing, using, selling, or distributing your new invention without your permission for a period of time. Hence, it can be said that you are the sole person permitted to exploit your new invention.

We at Author Intellectual Property are able to assist you in every aspect of patent, from advising you on the patentability of your invention to patent drafting, from filing new patent applications locally and internationally to renewal of your patent, and beyond.

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Industrial Designs

Fundamentally, industrial design is created for one ultimate purpose, which is to increase the value of a product.

When a good design is applied onto a product to improve it ergonomically and aesthetically, a couple of things are achieved indirectly. First, the marketability of the product is increased, and second, the brand of the product is built and developed. Ultimately, combination of all the identified elements will lead to increase in sale and the value of the product.

In the above scenario, it is only sensible if the design is well protected to prohibit illegal exploits by any other party. This is where we intervene, specifically to help you to protect your industrial design. We are able to provide you with the accurate advices in how best to protect your industrial design and at the same time minimizing the costs involved. With years of experience, rest assured that your industrial design is in good hand and well taken care of.

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Invigorating and soothing music. Highly entertaining and action packed movies. Informative and educational books, magazines, journals, and scientific publications. Artistic and decorative pieces of sculptures, paintings, and drawings. All these and many more are covered and protected under copyright, the exclusive right that is given to a creator of an original work to bar other people from misusing or copying it and at the same time giving the creator the authority to manage the use of the original work. Apart from that, the creator is properly acknowledged, credited, and appreciated for his or her hard work through the copyrighted work.

Do you have an original work that qualifies for copyright protection? If yes, do you wish to have the original work and your rights properly protected? Come and talk to us. We shall assist you in every way we can. 


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Utility Innovation

Utility Innovation is another type of intellectual property that is very similar to patent. It is an exclusive rights conferred to an innovator that manages to come up with an incremental improvement to an existing product or process. With the exclusive right, the innovator can work the incremental invention by preventing others from exploiting the same without prior consent.

In Malaysia, utility innovation differs from patent in the sense that the scope of protection is narrower and the initial duration of protection is shorter. However, the requirements to obtain a certificate of utility innovation are less stringent than patent.

It is also known as “utility model”, “minor patent”, “petty patent”, and “innovation patent” in some other countries such as Australia.

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With the rise of competition in almost every field of business and trade, it is very important for a company to come up with multiple effective business strategies to make certain that the company is always on the forefront and one step ahead of its competitor.

One of the strategies is to create awareness and promote recognition and loyalty towards the company by having a unique trademark, which is also known as a brand or logo. The trademark, in general, represents the company's identity and consequently associating the company with its goods and services. It allows consumers to instantly recognize the origin of source, the quality, and the consistency of the goods and services of the company, and subsequently differentiating them from the others.

In the long run, the trademark may become your company most valuable long term intellectual asset that brings your company to its peak moment.

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